The Little Mermaid / Mala morska vila Remastered DVD

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The Little Mermaid / Mala morska vila Remastered DVD
The little mermaid rescues a prince from drowning and falls in love with him. To be with him, she makes a deal with the evil sorceress: her beautiful voice against a life on land. It seems to work at first, the prince is enchanted with her lovely appearance. But the memory of a foreign princess still haunts him: The one who found him on the beach where the mermaid had left him, and whom he (of course) believes to be his saviour. To resolve this mistake is too much for the mute little mermaid, and not even her father, king of all seas, can help her in the impending catastrophe.

Product Details 
Length 84 min
Production Year 1976
Audio Czech
Subtitles Czech
Format DVD (PAL)
Region All

Director Karel Kachyna
Cast Martin Dejdar, Jiri Labus, Martin Huba, Ljuba Krbova, Eva Vejmelkova, Lenka Termerova, Tomas Magnusek, Jan Vodnansky, Emma Cerna, Jiri Hromada, Frantisek Nemec, Jiri Korn, Vlastimil Venclik, Kamil Svejda, Vaclav Neckar, Pavel Novy, Patricie Solarikova

Also Known As:

(original title) - Malá mořská víla
Brazil - A Pequena Sereia
Hungary - A kis hableány
Italy - La piccola ninfa di mare
Japan (Japanese title) - 人魚姫(1975)
Poland - Mala syrenka
Poland - Córka króla wszechmórz
Ukraine - Русалонька
West Germany - Die kleine Seejungfrau
West Germany - Die kleine Meerjungfrau
World-wide (English title) - The Little Mermaid 

Note for US costumers: It might not play on some US DVD players, Multi-Region and Multisystem PAL/NTSC DVD player is required, Please check your DVD player

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