The Apple Game / Hra o jablko DVD

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The Apple Game / Hra o jablko DVD
Doctor John, who works in a Prague maternity hospital while still living at home with his mother, is a self-assured philanderer who seduces a young nurse, Anna, and makes her pregnant. All the while he has two other girlfriends on the go, a flighty young hippy who lives with her boyfriend, and the slightly older wife of his doctor colleague who discovers their liaison and is not best pleased. Doctor John can't decide which of the women he prefers, and the ensuing anxiety causes him to mess up his medical research to the point where his professor boss sacks him. 

Product Details DVD
Length 91 min.
Production Year 1976
Audio Czech
Subtitles Czech
Format DVD (PAL)
Region 2

Director Vera Chytilova
Cast Dagmar Blahova, Jiri Menzel, Jiri Kodet, Evelyna Steimarova, Nina Popelikova, Bohus Zahorsky, Jiri Labus, Katerina Burianova-Rajmontova, Jana Synkova, Jitka Novakova, Nina Diviskova, Petr Narozny, Miroslav Korinek, Vladimir Hrabanek, Daniela Pokorna, Tereza Kucerova, Stepan Kucera, Vera Uzelacova, Jitka Cerhova

Also Known As
(original title) - Hra o jablko
Argentina - El juego de la manzana
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Игра за ябълката
East Germany (dubbed version) - Spiel um den Apfel
Finland - Omenaleikki
France - Le jeu de la pomme
Hungary - Játék az almáért
Italy - Il gioco della mela
Poland - Gra o jabłko
Sweden - Äppelleken
UK - The Apple Game
USA (festival title) - Game of the Apple
West Germany - Ein bißchen schwanger

Note for US customers: It might not play on some US DVD players, Multi-Region and Multisystem PAL/NTSC DVD player is required, Please check your DVD player

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