Szabadsag szerelem / Children of Glory

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Szabadsag szerelem / Children of Glory
Children of Glory will commemorate Hungary's heroic Revolution of 1956, and takes place in Budapest and at the Melbourne Olympic Games in October and November of that year. While Soviet tanks were destroying Hungary, the Hungarian water polo team was winning over the Soviets in the Olympic pool in Melbourne, in what has been described as the bloodiest water polo match in history.

Product Details DVD
Length 115 min.
Production Year 2006
Audio Hungarian
Subtitles Hungarian, English
Format DVD (PAL)
Region 2

Director Krisztina Goda
Cast Kata Dobo, Ivan Fenyo, Sandor Csanyi, Ildiko Bansagi, Viktoria Szavai, Tamas Keresztes, Peter Haumann, Zsolt Nagy, Istvan Szori, Miklos Banyai

Also Known As
(original title) - Szabadság, szerelem
Brazil - Sangue nas Águas
Burkina Faso - Деца на славата
Finland - Children of Glory
Germany - Children of Glory
Greece (DVD title) - Oi iroes tou ethnous
Hungary - Szabadság, szerelem
Japan (Japanese title) - 君の涙 ドナウに流れ ハンガリー1956
Poland 1956 - Wolność i miłość
Portugal - Filhos da Revolução
Romania - Drumul spre glorie
Russia - Дети славы
Sweden - Children of Glory
Turkey (Turkish title) - Zafer Çocukları
USA (working title) - Untitled Joe Eszterhas Project
World-wide (English title) - Children of Glory

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