Snow dragon/Snezny drak

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Snow dragon/Snezny drak
A fairy tale about a princess who is growing up without her mother. He father the king, a kind and righteous man, loves her dearly, but is determined to marry her off at all costs: no-one knows why he's in such a hurry. He organizes a grand ball in the chateau, at which a number of princes curry for her favor. But the one whom the princess chooses herself is not at all to the liking of her Dad - for reasons which nobody understands. It's not until later that we learn about the ancient curse, the Queen of the Witch Realm, and the Snow Dragon. For the curse to be annulled, the princess and her intended have to undertake a difficult and dangerous journey during which they are confronted with many obstacles, to find out at its end that only true love can triumph over evil.

Product Details 
Length 90 min
Production Year 2013
Audio Czech
Subtitles Czech
Format DVD (PAL)
Region ALL

Director Eugen Sokolovsky ml.
Cast Petra Tenorova, Petr Lnenicka, Martin Mysicka, Sasa Rasilov nejml., Jitka Cvancarova, Arnost Goldflam, Jiri Hajek, Anezka Paleckova, Pavla Tomicova, Zuzana Slavikova, Pavel Liska, Tomas Matonoha

Also Known As:

Czech - Sněžný drak

Note for US costumers: It might not play on some US DVD players, Multi-Region and Multisystem PAL/NTSC DVD player is required, Please check your DVD player

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