Saul Fia / Son of Saul DVD

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Saul Fia / Son of Saul DVD
Son of Saul takes place in the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in 1944. Saul, a prisoner, discovers the body of a boy he believes to be his son and sets out on a mission to find a rabbi for a proper burial. This quest is complicated by an impending uprising. Director László Nemes's debut film won four awards at Cannes, including the Grand Prix, and has garnered significant Oscar buzz. It's a visionary work with stylistic innovations that offer a unique depiction of the Holocaust.

Product Details DVD
Length 107
Production Year 2015
Audio Hungarian
Subtitles English, French, Hungarian
Format DVD (PAL)
Region 2

Director Krasznahorkai Balazs
Cast Géza Röhrig, Levente Molnár, Urs Recht

Also Known As

(original title) - Saul fia
Argentina - El hijo de Saúl
Austria - Son of Saul
Brazil - O Filho de Saul
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Синът на Саул
Canada - Le fils de Saul
Canada - Son of Saul
Colombia - El hijo de Saúl
Croatia - Saulov sin
Czech Republic - Saulův syn
Denmark - Sauls søn
Estonia - Sauli poeg
Finland - Son of Saul
Finland (alternative title) - Saulin poika
Finland (Swedish title) - Sauls son
France - Le fils de Saul
Germany - Son of Saul
Greece - Ο γιος του Σαούλ
Israel (Hebrew title) - Ha'ben shel Shaoul
Italy - Il figlio di Saul
Japan (Japanese title) - サウルの息子
Latvia - Saula dēls
Mexico - El hijo de Saúl
Norway - Sauls sønn
Peru - El hijo de Saúl
Poland - Syn Szawła
Portugal - O Filho de Saul
Russia - Сын Саула
Serbia - Šaulov sin
Slovenia - Savlov sin
Spain - El hijo de Saúl
Spain (Catalan title) - El fill de Saül
Sweden (alternative title) - Son of Saul
Sweden - Sauls son
Taiwan - 索爾之子
Ukraine - Син Саула
UK - Son of Saul
USA - Son of Saul
Uruguay - El hijo de Saúl
Venezuela - El hijo de Saúl
World-wide (English title) - Son of Saul

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