Salt and Gold / Sul nad zlato DVD

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Salt and Gold / Sul nad zlato DVD
Princess Marushka, one of the three daughters of King Pravoslav, meets with the mysterious Prince Milivoj, who appears and disappears at will. To summon him whenever she wishes, the prince gives her a rose made of salt. Milivoj is the son of the king of the underworld, who disapproves of their relationship, but the prince defends himself by saying that Marushka has shown him a love that they do not know in the netherworld. Conversely, the king argues that humans are heartless and greedy. King Pravoslav wants to know what kind of love his daughters hold for him. They present their husbands to him, one claiming to love him like gold, the other like precious stones. Marushka introduces Prince Milivoj to her father and tells him that she loves him like salt. The king becomes angry with her and the prince, throws Marushka out of the castle, and tells her to return when salt is more valuable than gold and gems. Then she will receive the throne. The King of the Underworld appears and curses King Pravoslav and his kingdom. All the salt in the kingdom then turns into gold. However, without salt, one cannot cook, and so everyone eventually falls ill. Marushka has no choice but to go in search of a cure...

Product Details PAPER SLEEVE DVD
Packaging Paper sleeve
Length 85 min.
Production Year 1982
Audio Czech
Subtitles None
Format DVD (PAL)
Region 2

Director Martin Holly ml.
Cast Karol Machata, Libuse Safrankova, Gabor Nagy, Jozef Kroner, Zuzana Kocurikova, Lubomir Paulovic, Juraj Kukura, Ladislav Chudik, Viera Strniskova, Tibor Bogdan, Jan Kramar, Milan Kis, Ivan Krivosudsky, Boris Farkas, Jaroslav Rozsival, Jan Novotny, Vlasta Fabianova, Anton Korenci, Anton Sulik st., Juraj Paska

Also Known As:

(original title) - Sol nad zlato
Argentina - El principe de sal
Croatia - Kraljević od soli
Czechoslovakia (Czech title) - Sůl nad zlato
Europe (English title) - Salt & Gold
Finland - Suolaprinssi
Hungary - Sókirályfi menyasszonya
Hungary (alternative title) - A sóherceg
Italy - Il principe del sale
Poland - Sól cenniejsza niż złoto
Soviet Union (Russian title) - Соль дороже злата
Soviet Union (Russian title) - Невеста подземного принца
Ukraine - Солоний принц
UK - Salt & Gold
USA - Salt & Gold
West Germany - Der Salzprinz
World-wide (English title) - Salt & Gold
World-wide - Salt & Gold
World-wide (English title) (alternative title) - The Salt Prince
World-wide (English title) (literal English title) - Salt Over Gold

Note for US customers: It might not play on some US DVD players, Multi-Region and Multisystem PAL/NTSC DVD player is required, Please check your DVD player

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