Professor Hannibal / Hannibal tanar ur DVD

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Professor Hannibal / Hannibal tanar ur DVD
When a Latin teacher publishes an essay on the Carthaginian General Hannibal, he is quickly hailed as a celebrity genius, but in reality has become an unwitting pawn of far-right politicians.

Product Details DVD
Length 91 min.
Production Year 1956
Audio Hungarian
Subtitles Hungarian, English
Format DVD (PAL)
Region 2

Director Zoltan Fabri
Cast Erno Szabo, Noemi Apor, Emmi Buttykay, Hilda Gobbi, Manyi Kiss, Karola Zala, Oszkar Ascher, Odon Bardi, Bela Barsi, Ferenc Bessenyei, Laszlo Mensaros, Zoltan Greguss, Rudolf Somogyvari, Zoltan Maklary, Gyorgy Bikadi, Andor Darday, Antal Farkas, Gyorgy Kalman, Peter Kurthy

Also Known As
(original title) - Hannibál tanár úr
East Germany - Professor Hannibal
France - Professeur Hannibal
Greece (transliterated title) - O kathigitis Annivas
Japan (Japanese title) (festival title) - ハンニバル教授
Poland - Akcja profesora Hannibala
Romania - Profesor Hannibal
Soviet Union (Russian title) - Господин учитель Ганнибал
West Germany - Professor Hannibal
World-wide (English title) - Professor Hannibal

Note for US customers: It might not play on some US DVD players, Multi-Region and Multisystem PAL/NTSC DVD player is required, Please check your DVD player

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