Tales of Budapest / Pesti mese DVD

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Pesti mese / Tales of Budapest DVD
Klári, a young woman commonly known as Copfos, unexpectedly inherits $650,000 one day. The brother of her employer starts courting her immediately, arousing her suspicions. Doubting the man's intentions due to his extravagant lifestyle, Klári decides to test his sincerity. She orchestrates a ruse by having an English letter written, falsely stating that she did not actually inherit the money. She then resumes her job at the hat salon as if nothing has happened. In the meantime, Klári, who has long been in love with Kubik, the handsome porter of the salon, instructs the bank to invest in the hat salon as a way to verify Kubik's feelings towards her.

Product Details DVD
Length 77 min.
Production Year 1937
Audio Hungarian
Subtitles None
Format DVD (PAL)
Region 2

Director Béla Gaál
Cast Ida Turay, Antal Páger

Also Known As
(original title) - Pesti mese
(informal English title) - Tales of Budapest

Note for US customers: It might not play on some US DVD players, Multi-Region and Multisystem PAL/NTSC DVD player is required, Please check your DVD player

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