Opavia Kolonada Spa Round Wafers 200g

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Opavia Lazenske Oplatky

Traditional spa wafers are an integral part of spa life. Sources from the end of the 18th century state that waffles were a popular sweet delicacy among the townspeople. In Marianske Lazne, the expansion of the production of this specialty dates back to 1856. According to a legend from the 19th century, a skilful chef from the Premonstratensian monastery in Teplá was behind the creation of spa wafers.

Original Czech Food

Product description
Cocoa wafers with vanilla filling (69%)


Product description
Hazelnut wafers (61%)


Product description
Wafers with chocolate filling (71%).

Wheat flour, Sugar, Fully hardened palm kernel fat, Vegetable fat and oil (palm, rapeseed), Lactose (from milk), Chocolate 7% (cocoa powder with reduced fat content, cocoa mass, sugar), Cocoa powder with reduced fat content, Whey powder (milk), Whole milk powder, Egg yolks powder, Emulsifiers (soy lecithin, sunflower lecithin), Dye (ammonia caramel), Aromas, Edible salt May contain nuts.

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