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Bebe Dobre Rano NaMekko Boruvkove

Bebe Good Morning NaMekko have a high content of slowly digestible starches, which are slowly released carbohydrates. Taking products with a high content of slowly digestible starch increases the concentration of glucose in the blood after a meal to a lesser extent than with products with a content of slowly digestible starch. Enjoy them as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Original Czech Food

Ingredients: Cereals 44.2% [wheat flour 25%, whole grain cereals 17% (oat groats 12%, whole wheat flour 1%, whole wheat crushed buckwheat 1%, whole wheat barley flour 1%, whole wheat spelled flour (wheat) 1%, oat flakes 1%,), rice flour 2%, malt wheat flour 0,2%], Sugar, Rapeseed oil, Modified corn starch, Sweetened dried blueberries 6% [blueberries 2,5%, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, dextrose , aroma, acidity regulator (citric acid)], Inulin, Isomaltulosa¹, Humectant (glycerol), Raisins 1,5%, Mixture of minerals (calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, elemental iron), Edible salt, Emulsifier (soy lecithins), Concentrated redcurrant juice 0.3%, Flavoring substance (sodium carbonates), Wheat gluten, Dextrose, Aromata, omalIsomaltulose is a source of glucose and fructose
Contains allergen: wheat flour, oatmeal, barley flour, spelled flour, oatmeal, soy, may contain nuts, milk
Storage: Store in a dry place
Manufacturer: Opavia
Weight: 50 g

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