Minx / Ulicnice DVD

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Minx / Ulicnice DVD
One of the most reliable box office hits of the 1930s musical theaters were the folk operettas by composer Jára Beneš. The film adaptation of his "Uličnice" was produced remarkably soon after its theatrical premiere. Set to appealing melodies, the story revolves around eighteen-year-old Věra Janáková, the daughter of a factory owner, who is deeply in love with the famous aviator Jiří Málka. Knowing him only from a photograph, she is so smitten that she runs away from her boarding school to find him. Upon her arrival, she discovers that the Málka family is expecting the arrival of a girl from the orphanage, whom they plan to groom as Jiří's future wife. Resourceful Věra quickly adapts to the situation and ingeniously disguises herself as a thirteen-year-old boy. The film is a charming blend of humor, romance, and musical entertainment, showcasing the versatility and creativity of early Czech cinema.

Product Details DVD
Length 90 min
Production Year 1936
Audio Czech
Subtitles Czech
Format DVD (PAL)
Region ALL

Director Vladimir Slavinsky
Cast Vera Ferbasova, Jiri Dohnal, Frantisek Kristof-Vesely, Jindrich Plachta, Zdenka Baldova, Helena Busova, Ladislav Pesek, Svetla Svozilova, Oldrich Novy

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