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Meky DVD
In 1982, Miro Žbirka, a shy, bespectacled outsider from Bratislava, stunned the Czechoslovakian music scene by breaking Karel Gott's fourteen-year winning streak in the prestigious 'Zlatý slavík' music award. This marked the beginning of Meky's own era of popularity, writing hits that live on to this day. Behind the scenes, Meky had already faced considerable pain and was on a path filled with twists and turns, leading to recording in the famed Abbey Road Studios. The film 'Meky' explores his journey from the moment he first picked up a guitar, through the ups and downs of his life, to revealing his story to filmmakers. From a long-haired rocker and British gentleman, to playing as a session musician before adulthood, experiencing the loss of his brother, being ejected from bands, enjoying fan adoration, fame, and musical triumphs, to his retreat and major comeback. It delves into how he coped with a close one's accident and the temptations of the omnipotent Communist Party during socialism. Directed by Šimon Šafránek, the Czech Lion winner for the documentary 'King Skate', 'Meky' is a dynamic portrait of a music legend, combining Žbirka's candid confessions, contemporary footage, and extensive archival material, showcasing his absolute devotion to music and his elegant navigation through major societal revolutions and personal upheavals.

Product Details DVD
Length 80 min.
Production Year 2021
Audio Czech
Subtitles Czech, English, Slovak
Format DVD (PAL)
Region ALL

Director Simon Safranek
Cast Miro Zbirka, Katerina Zbirkova, David Zbirka, Laco Lucenic, Kamil Peteraj, Jan Lehotsky, Marika Gombitova (a.z.), Jan Ponocny, Rob Cass

Note for US customers: It might not play on some US DVD players, Multi-Region and Multisystem PAL/NTSC DVD player is required, Please check your DVD player

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