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The album was produced by Martin "Maxo" Sramek, mixed by Andrej Hruska and mastered by Miroslav Chyska. This created an extraordinary album of strong songs in contemporary but not purpose-built sound production, crowned by the magnificent singing performance of Lucie Bílá.

Artist: Lucie Bílá


1. Mam rada zivot 03:36
2. O lasce 03:33
3. Tenkou niti 03:37
4. Mluv se mnou 04:15
5. Horka jako rtut 03:42
6. Nadechnout 03:01
7. Protoze 03:09
8. 3 dny 03:06
9. Leto 03:05
10. Cirkus bude 03:21
11. Neverim 04:13
12. Domov 03:52
13. Pojd klidne spat 02:37


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