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Jan Triska 4x DVD
Kohout plasi smrt
A group of saboteurs is searching for a weapons cache hidden by the Nazi army. Set in the Beskydy Mountains during the summer of 1950, an agent of the Czechoslovak State Security (StB), Borek, infiltrates a group of saboteurs hiding in the mountains. The group, led by Ervín Kopal and Metud Hanák, is planning terrorist acts against the ongoing collectivization in the countryside. Borek's mission is to establish contact with them, secure the saboteurs, and locate the weapons cache. After many dramatic events, the mission is accomplished, but at the highest cost...

Kde alibi nestaci
We first met detectives Captain Tůma and Lieutenant Líbal, played by the unusual but perfectly matching duo of K. Höger and J. Bek, in the film "105% Alibi," where they brilliantly solved a murder case. Their success inspired screenwriter Karel Cop and director Vladimír Čech to create two more films connected by the theme of alibi – "Kde alibi nestačí" (Where Alibi Is Not Enough) and "Alibi na vodě" (Alibi on the Water). In "Kde alibi nestačí," investigators Tůma and Líbal follow the trail of an unknown murderer. The trail leads to a gang selling a supposed "Swiss" drug called Cordofilin to people with heart diseases, causing the deaths of several patients. The investigation into the disappearance of Josef Šesták (B. Šmída), one of the sales intermediaries, takes them to a luxurious international hotel in Karlovy Vary and the Medika warehouses, where a large amount of B-complex was stolen. The circle of suspects keeps expanding, and while one of them is the murderer, they all seem to have alibis…

Two Men from Another World/Dva z onoho světa
Although the title of this comedy might sound peculiar, it aptly captures the plot. The story revolves around twin brothers, Pavel and Petr Fořt, who lead completely different lives: Petr is a jazz musician in America, while Pavel is a professor of classical music in Prague. Due to their differing views on music, Pavel in Czechoslovakia lets his brother "die" and, conversely, Petr falsely reports to America that Pavel and his family have died. However, Petr and his adult son arrive in Czechoslovakia, leading to various confusions and plot twists until the family is unexpectedly reunited. The contrast in the lifestyles and attitudes of the two brothers is evident, so it's only a matter of time before they intentionally swap roles, leading to unforeseen events. An important element of the film is its music, composed by Vlastimil Hála and Jiří Baur, performed by the Karel Vlach Orchestra. The songs, which became widely popular, are sung by Oldřich Nový, Helga Čočková, Jan Tříska, and others.

Five Out of a Million / Pet z milionu
The film Pět z milionu by Zbyněk Brynych consists of five short stories.

Mistr a dvacátý učedník (The Master and the Twentieth Apprentice): Apprentice Vašek works with Master Karpíšek on the tower of St. Nicholas Church. Dissatisfied with Karpíšek's old-school methods, Vašek decides to leave, like nineteen apprentices before him.
Každý týden je neděle (Every Week is Sunday): Energetic retiree Hanousek constantly keeps busy. After lending money to his son for a new car and being invited for a Sunday outing, he eagerly cancels his hard-earned tour guide job, but...
To zavinil Bonifác (Boniface's Fault): Young couple Jiroušek celebrate their meeting anniversary on St. Boniface's Day by reliving their initial encounter.
Otrhaná písnička (The Ragged Song): Musicians Vilda and Martin play at weddings weekly. One day, instead of a regular fee, a young newlywed plays them a piano piece...
Pavučina (The Cobweb): Young Kateřina spends her last days before starting her first job in a recreational settlement, losing interest in her friends' childish games. She wanders around and meets a slightly older friend Karel...

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Length 87+92+95+100 min.
Audio Czech
Subtitles Czech
Format DVD (PAL)
Region ALL

Cast  Jan Triska

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