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At the numerous requests of fans, Helena Vondráčková's last serial album is released in a reissue, which has since become golden.

Artist: Helena Vondráčková


01. To je sila 03:30
02. Mit rad az k zblazneni (You Are My Everything) 04:27
03. Nic nas nerozdeli (Just Another Day) 04:06
04. Vim malo (She's Always A Woman) 03:22
05. Kdyz svicky zhasnou 03:05
06. Osud pri me stal 03:40
07. Zas me libej 03:44
08. Mam toho dost (No More Tears ) 04:42
09. Odpoustim 03:40
10. Co bude dal 03:50
11. Svet neznych neresti 03:12
12. Nevycitam 03:46
13. Posad me na sedmej schod (Queen Of The Night) 03:12
14. Neni proc se bat 03:27
15. Stin po nas dvou (Break Free) 04:23
16. A tak splacim leta zla 03:07

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