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Two extraordinary personalities, two excellent singers, two great professionals in the field of good entertainment on an extraordinary album full of famous joint songs! Their duets are among the most interesting in our popular music in history, because the less pathos, the more wit and exaggeration.
Artist: Helena Vondráčková


1. Tech par dnu (Till I Loved You) 00:04:24
2. To pan Chopin (I Like Chopin) 00:04:22
3. Neznama mista 00:03:55
4. Slunce (Come Vorrei) 00:02:52
5. Zatimco dest si v listi hral (When The Rain Begins To Fall) 00:04:00
6. A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You 00:02:35
7. Kazda trampota ma svou mez (Rest Your Love On Me) 00:04:40
8. Ja na brachu - blues (Shaddap You Face) 00:03:10
9. Jakobynic 00:02:51
10. Tancit pry je krasne 00:02:56
11. V zene kdekdo se splet 00:02:55
12. Zvonky bile 00:02:03
13. Ja to vidim jak dnes (I Remember It Well) 00:03:20
14. My milujeme jazzband (Jazz Band) 00:01:36
15. To chce smrnc a cosi navic (You Gotta Have A Gimmick) 00:02:51
16. Byl to klaun (Be A Clown) 00:01:36
17. Zarliva zena (Hard Hearded Woman) 00:02:01
18. Cirkus (Join The Circus) 00:03:21
19. Tak pojd (Tritsch Tratsch polka) 00:02:48
20. Fred Astaire Medley 00:02:21
21. Ja pujdu tam a ty tam (Save Your Kisses For Me) 00:02:59

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