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The singer was provided with arrangements of large melodies, mainly for large orchestra, and she was able to sing, for example, the tenderly folk Laléňa and the overseas ballad Without Her in an extremely shady way. The time is also illustrated by CD bonuses, which also offer foreign language versions in English, Polish, French, German or even Japanese. A perfect professional in an interesting repertoire at the beginning of the next phase of the never-ending musical development.

Artist: Helena Vondráčková


1. Muzes zustat, muzes jit (The Windmills of Your Mind)
2. Pochval strom za zeleny listi (Little Green Apples)
3. Lalena (Lelaina)
4. Provazochodci
5. A kapky kapou
6. Klasterni zvon
7. Jsem Buh i dabel (Without Her)
8. Pojd jen bliz
9. Radej snad plac mi dej (Canto Triste)
10. Ostrovy pokladu
11. Malovany dzbanku
12. I Say a Little Prayer (For You)
13. Les Moulins de mon coeur
14. Nie spoczniemy
15. Takarajima (Ostrovy pokladu)
16. Daddy, I Love Him
17. Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head
18. Hit Medley (Ich habe Dich vergeben / Cas je proti nam, Es war wohl nicht mein besten Tag / Nac vlastne v puli vzdavat mac, The Winner Takes It All / A ty se ptas, co ja, Sir Duke)

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