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A board family game starring eight classic characters (Sonic, Tails, Knucles and others) divided into two-person teams, which must be done through the Green Hill zone while watching out for sabotage by other players. More precisely, you can show them how much you care about them by sending them to the field with spikes. Simply charming! Even taking into account these sabotages, the game lasts about 20 minutes and is suitable for two to four players aged seven and up. This is a strategic, yet affordable board game Sonic, the preparation of which is very simple. Players then use cards during the game to advance with their team to the finish line. But at the same time, they try to anticipate the movement of other players and carefully select the cards they will play. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to your "fellow racers" who will work to do you as much harm as possible and be able to collect gold rings. As mentioned above, the goal of the game is to finish first with both pieces of your two-member team. Players control the pieces with number cards in the colors of the teams, but there is a catch. Cards are dealt randomly, so you will often have to move the pieces of your opponents. It is therefore necessary to plan well and try to play the cards at the best possible moment to help yourself and harm others. On the map you will find accelerating rings, slowing spikes, difficult lopings and bonus boxes where you will receive special cards to help you in the race. And who makes up two-person teams? Sonic and Tails, Amy Rose and Knu

Manufacturer: ADC Blackfire

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