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Dixit is a beautifully illustrated game based on imaginative hints and creative guessing. Let yourself be carried away by your imagination! When we were kids, few things were more fun and common than our wild hide-and-seek games. I wish that this game would allow us all to discover the child in us again. How do I use a word or sentence to guide my teammates on the right track while maintaining enough ambiguity? Dixit, with its space for emotion and surprise, has managed to excite many of us, from the youngest to those of older age, and take us to the very limits of our imagination. But Dixit mainly brings us closer. Perhaps because the image is fundamental to us. Jean-Louis ROUBIRA - designer of the game Dixit. Thanks to the simple rules and principle of playing, everyone can enjoy fun with Dixit across all ages. The game is also suitable for children, helping them to develop their imagination. How to play Dixit - Players take turns in the role of the narrator. The narrator chooses one card from his cards and tells the other players some help about this card (word, sentence, song...). After that, other players choose from their cards the one that best matches the hint. The narrator's card is shuffled along with the cards of other players, and then all selected cards are laid out face to face. Which one belongs to the narrator? Players vote secretly and then scoring begins. The points earned are recorded on the board.

Manufacturer: ADC Blackfire

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