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Author: Vlaada Chvátil
Language: English
Year: 2013
Players: 2–5
Age: 14+
Time: 60–90 min
Theme: new ways how to destroy your ship
Mechanics: new ships
Base Game: Galaxy Trucker

This expansion offers new ship classes for trans-galactic trucking. To play, you will need the basic Galaxy Trucker game. The new ships are fully compatible with all elements of the first two big expansions.

Corp Inc. seeks experienced truckers eager to pilot ships of unconventional design.
Must be able to build a ship under adverse conditions. Degree in applied topological mechanics a plus.
Generous compensation for qualified applicants. Apply today!

Classes IC and IIC were originally designed for sectors where the fabric of space-time is unstable. These ships create a space-time warp field that is so twisted you won’t even notice the sector’s mild anomalies.

Every ship builder dreams of building a ship like this: a giant sphere, the size of a small moon, bristling with deadly weapons. Every captain dreams of striding around such a ship, wearing a black mask in which it is difficult to breathe. Every space princess dreams of being held prisoner on such a ship, waiting to be rescued.
And every game designer dreams of including this ship in his game without being sued for trademark infringement.

Class IVC was intended to be a sleek and solid luxury craft with an ornamental window in the center. And so it would have been, were it not for a loose staple. The official documentation consists of schematics for constructing the four pieces of the ship along with an appendix detailing how the pieces attach to one another. But in the course of bureaucratic shuffling at the Department of Transportation, the staple came loose and the pages of the appendix fell off.

So when you apply for a copy of the Class IVC schematics, you get a plan for four independent ships. And when you ask for a copy of the appendix, the clerk closes his window and scurries into a back room. Is he back there looking for the lost pages of the appendix, or is he hiding until you go away? You don’t know. So the best thing to do is start building and hope that he’ll get back to you with the pages – or at least some of them.

5×2 two-sided ship boards
1 rulebook

base game for this expansion: GALAXY TRUCKER / BASE GAME

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