Edes Emma, draga Bobe

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Edes Emma, draga Bobe
The story shows Emma's and Böbe's fight for survival, for keeping their position in society which they achieved with hard work in the previous regime. They don't want to lose their place and become village girls again.

Product Details DVD
Length 78 min.
Production Year 1992
Audio Hungarian
Subtitles English, German
Format DVD (PAL)
Region ALL

Director Istvan Szabo
Cast Johanna ter Steege, Peter Andorai, Ildiko Bansagi, Irma Patkos, Erzsi Pasztor, Zoltan Mucsi, Attila Kaszas, Hedi Temessy, Katalin Solyom

Also Known As
(original title) - Édes Emma, drága Böbe - vázlatok, aktok
Belgium (Flemish title) - Lieve Emma, beste Böbe
Brazil - Queridas Amigas
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Скъпа Ема, сладка Бьобе
Finland - Suloinen Emma, rakas Böbe
France - Chère Emma
Germany - Liebe Emma, süße Böbe
Greece - Γλυκιά Έμμα, αγαπητή Μπέμπε
Italy - Dolce Emma, cara Bobe
Poland - Kochana Emmo, droga Böbe
Portugal - Queridas Amigas
Spain - Dulce Emma, querida Böbe
Sweden (theatrical title) - Kära Emma
Turkey (Turkish title) - Tatlı Emma Sevgili Böbe
World-wide (English title) - Dear Emma, Sweet Böbe
Dear Emma, Sweet Böbe
Sweet Emma, Dear Boebe - Sketches, Nudes

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