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A remarkable debut album of the project of Frýdek-Místek singer David Stypka and his band Bandjeez. The album contains twelve songs that were created over a period of several years, and several interesting guests, such as the frontman of the band Buty Radek Pastrňák, assisted in its creation. David Stypka is a man who has been co-creating the Frýdek-Místek music scene for almost two decades.

Artist: David Stypka


1 Caruj 3:42
2 Delam 4:03
3 Najzar 4:29
4 Filomena 3:13
5 Osudova 3:55
6 Pohadka 3:19
7 Cernobila 4:14
8 Helium 4:11
9 Slepice 4:30
10 Diry 3:58
11 Skala 4:14
12 Neco vim 4:39

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