Czech sweet bars set / Set ceskych sladkosti

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Czech sweet bars set / Set ceskych sladkosti
Original Czech Food
This set consists of the most popular Czech sweets, loved by people in the Czech Republic and around the world. Perfect for indulging in a variety of delicious treats, this assortment offers a taste of traditional Czech confectionery. Whether you're sharing with friends and family or enjoying on your own, these sweet bars are sure to delight.


3x Kocici jazycky: Classic chocolate cat tongues, a favorite among Czech sweets.
3x Kinder cokolada: Beloved milk chocolate bars.
1x Studentska pecet mlecna: Milk chocolate with a mix of nuts and fruit.
1x Studentska pecet hruskova: Pear-flavored chocolate with nuts.
1x Studentska pecet malinova: Raspberry-flavored chocolate with nuts.
3x Kofila original: Rich coffee-flavored chocolate bars.
3x Kofila latte: Smooth latte-flavored chocolate bars.
3x Margot: Coconut and rum-flavored bars.
3x Milena: Creamy chocolate bars with a smooth filling.
3x Sojove rezy: Soy-based chocolate bars.
3x Banany v cokolade: Chocolate-covered bananas.
3x Merunky v cokolade: Chocolate-covered apricots.
3x Visne v cokolade: Chocolate-covered cherries.
3x Deli oriskova: Nut-flavored chocolate bars.
3x Deli pistaciova: Pistachio-flavored chocolate bars.
3x Koko: Coconut-flavored chocolate bars.
3x Ledove Kastany v mlecne cokolade: Icy Chestnuts in milk chocolate.
3x Ledove Kastany v bile cokolade: Icy Chestnuts in white chocolate.
3x Ledove Kastany extra horke: Extra dark Icy Chestnuts.
3x Ledove Kastany original: Original Icy Chestnuts.

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