Birds, Orphans and Fools / Vtackovia, Siroty A Blazni

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Birds, Orphans and Fools / Vtackovia, Siroty A Blazni
The film is a phantasmagorical story of three friends, "orphans of the twentieth century." For Jorik (Jiri Sykora), Andrej (Philippe Avron) and their shared love, Jewish girl Marta (Magda Vasaryova), there is no other way to survive in this beautiful but ugly world than through pure madness. Only this "blissful state" allows them to seek the "lost paradise" - happiness and the meaning of life. Their only concern is to maintain their absolute spontaneity, with which they can come up with the most bizarre situations and experience various adventures that distance them from the incomprehensible, absurd reality of the 20th century world. However, their innocent game of desire for happiness turns into real madness, and the final tragedy is a terrible but logical price for their rebellion against the world. The film is part of the collection of Jakubisko's vault films from the 1960s, which were followed by a forced silence in the field of "big feature film" during the subsequent normalizing decade. The films' atmosphere and point of view, apart from Jakubisko's fantastic and surrealist aesthetic vision, were primarily influenced by the absurd and bitter social situation after 1968. 

Product Details
Length 78 min.
Production Year 1969
Audio Slovak
Subtitles Slovak, English
Format DVD (PAL)
Region All

Director Juraj Jakubisko
Cast Jana Brezinova, Gustav Opocensky, Pavel Novy, Ondrej Pavelka, Zdenek Dusek, Anton Sulik st., Vilma Jamnicka, Beata Znakova-Drotarova, Ivan Laca, Mikulas Simko, Viliam Hodon, Ivan Drozdy, Lubor Dohnal, Anton Sulik ml., Martin Sanitrar

Also Known As:
(original title) - Vtáckovia, siroty a blázni
France - Les oiseaux, les orphelins et les fous
Hungary - Madarak, árvák, bolondok
Italy (festival title) - Uccellini, orfani e pazzi
Poland - Ptaszki, sieroty i szaleńcy
Soviet Union (Russian title) - Птички, сироты и блаженные
Sweden - Gycklarna
West Germany - Vögel, Waisen, Narren
World-wide (English title) - Birds, Orphans and Fools

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