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On her fifth album, the pianist and composer Beata Hlavenková presents herself as a singer for the first time. The main musical partner of the album was Oskar Török, not only in his traditional role as a trumpeter, but also as a drummer, percussionist and singer.

Artist: Beata Hlavenkova, Oskar Torok


1. Mehwa 04:37
2. Prameny 03:21
3. U rybnika 04:01
4. Slamka a slepys krehky 04:46
5. Zena 03:40
6. Socha 04:06
7. Husa v mlze 04:30
8. Radost 04:02
9. Vzpominka na samotu 04:39
10. Plavala 06:14
11. Zapomniane 02:59

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