And I'll Run to the Ends of the Earth / A pobezim az na kraj sveta DVD

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And I'll Run to the Ends of the Earth / A pobezim az na kraj sveta DVD
In 1979, director Peter Solan created a sensitive story based on the book "Majka Tárajka" by Mária Ďuríčková. The film portrays the life of twelve-year-old Majka, who was born with a physical disability, and her struggles to find acceptance and friendship in her small village. Despite being bullied by some of her peers, Majka finds solace in her imagination and her secret friendship with Jana. Together, they dream of exploring the world and finding a place where they belong. "I Run Till the Edge of the World" is a touching Slovak psychological drama about the power of childhood imagination.

Product Details DVD
Length 74 min.
Production Year 1979
Audio Slovak
Subtitles Slovak, English
Format DVD (PAL)
Region All

Director Peter Solan
Cast Anetka Lakatosova, Ivan Mistrik, Hana Pastejrikova, Olga Adamcikova, Miriam Vranova, Martin Zatovic, Viera Strniskova, Samuel Adamcik, Magda Pavelekova, Olga Salagova, Dagmar Kakosova, Boris Farkas, Anna Javorkova, Milan Bruchac, Viliam Polonyi, Jan Kramar, Pavol Mikulik, Xenia Gracova, Jozef Sandor

Also Known As:
(original title) - A pobezim az na kraj sveta
Czechoslovakia (Czech title) - Majka Tárajka
East Germany - Und ich laufe bis ans Ende der Welt
West Germany - Und dann laufe ich bis ans Ende der Welt
World-wide (English title) - And I'll Run to the Ends of the Earth

Note for US costumers: It might not play on some US DVD players, Multi-Region and Multisystem PAL/NTSC DVD player is required, Please check your DVD player

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