Ales Brichta : Best Of Videos: Beatova sin slavy

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Ales Brichta : Best Of Videos: Beatova sin slavy DVD
DVD selection of 34 video clips by Ales Brichta, a Czech heavy metal singer, songwriter, and artist. He is a founding member of the band Arakain, which he left in 2002.
Best Of Videos follows up on the successful 2CD Ales Brichta - Beat Hall of Fame. The title is based on this year's 50th anniversary of the Czech rock scene. Viewers will find remastered and digitally edited clips that Ales Brichta shot with Arakain and solo. More than 30 videos from prehistoric television recordings to the present. Many of them are released on DVD for the first time. The viewer also has the opportunity to watch the video clips as a "film" with a commentary and an accompanying word by Ales Brichta.

1. Arakain - Thrash The Trash
2. Arakain - Sakal
3. Arakain - Seherezad
4. Arakain - Gilotina
5. Arakain - Kamennej andel
6. Arakain - Zapomen
7. Zemetreseni - Jsem pry blazen jen
8. Zemetreseni - Sipkova Ruzenka
9. Arakain - Nechod dal! (Mesto)
10. Barak na vodstrel
11. Vylet do baji
12. Vanocni
13. Arakain - Slecna Zavist
14. Necekam
15. Arakain - Zase spis v noci sama
16. Arakain - Marilyn
17. Nemam
18. Andilek
19. Arakain - Patecni flam
20. Arakain - M jako metal
21. Arakain - Ztraty a nalezy
22. Lidi jsou lidi
23. Co hleda klaun
24. American Bull
25. Hattrick - Nechte vlajky vlat
26. Divka s perlami ve vlasech
27. Malostranska
28. Spravedlnost byva slepa
29. Kazdej si meleme svou
30. Sirael
31. Jednou to pochopis
32. Ales Brichta, Pavla Kapitanova a hoste - Plac spali smich
33. Ales Brichta Band - Peklo uz ceka
34. Ales Brichta Band - Kdyz po tobe jdou

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