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Author: Filip Neduk
Language: English
Year: 2016
Players: 3–5
Age: 12+
Time: 60+ min
Theme: first person shooter
Mechanics: area control,
resource management,
area movement,
no dice!
Expansion: Team Play DLC
Awards: 2017 Angespielt Award 2017 Corner Certified award 2016 Seal of Excelence by Dice Tower 2016 Game Boy Geek – Saxophone Serenade, Keeper!

Once again, the hunter prowls the forest. All the animals flee in terror! Well, not really. Only a dumb animal would call attention to itself. In our forest, the animals are smart, otherwise their heads would be decorating the hunter’s mantelpiece. Our animals just casually saunter away, while convincing the hunter that he must be looking for something else. “Are you hungry for rabbit, Mr. Hunter? Well, you see, I’m a moose. Oh, no, not a moose with antlers like that…”

In this merry game, players take on the roles of rabbits and moose. While the hunter strolls through the forest, players are trying to look like an animal the hunter won’t shoot. And because they do so by making rabbit ears or moose antlers of various shapes on their heads, the spectators enjoy the game as well as the players.

1 double-sided board in two parts (4 possible setup combinations)
1 board for game variants
5 player boards (1 in each color)
5 action tiles (1 in each color)
1 starting player marker
86 point tokens (in various denominations)
36 ammo tiles
5 plastic player miniatures (1 in each color)
100 plastic damage tokens (20 in each color)
45 plastic ammo cubes (15 in each ammo color)
8 plastic skulls
21 weapon cards
24 powerup cards
1 bot card
1 rulebook
1 weapons manual

expansion available for this game: ADRENALINE TEAM PLAY DLC

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