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Forest engineer Ivan (Lukas Vaculik) fell in love with scientist Julie (Jitka Jezkova). After their wedding, they bought a guesthouse in the very heart of picturesque Bohemian Forest, where they moved with Julia's 16-year-old daughter Kacka (Veronika Divisova) and her dog, a dachshund Hugo. However, Ivan and Julia are mainly trying to have a baby and they don't care about the guesthouse. Julie falls into despair and starts visiting a charlatan Kallvini (Milan Steindler), who is supposed to help her get pregnant. Therefore, it is no wonder that crowds of guests do not come to their guesthouse when no one knows about this beautiful place. In addition, two incompetent older ladies (Vlasta Zehrova, Martina Hudeckova), hired by Julie, help take care of the guesthouse. Fortunately, the daughter Kacka, who had ADHD and has been listening to her Hugo ever since, and her four-legged friend come up with an idea of running a "Guesthouse for Dogs" and their owners.

Everyone likes the idea and shortly afterwards many dog owners (Roman Skamene, Martin Maxa, Vendula Krizova and others) arrive at the guesthouse. They represent a whole range of characters and dog breeds. A local hunter Burda (Petr Buba) and his daughter Lenka (Klara Jandova) are entrusted with training the dogs. Before they almost go crazy, Kacka's Grandpa, a retired colonel Mojmir (Pavel Novy) shoots Julia while hunting. She falls unconscious ... Will Julia be able to heal? Does Hugo win the heart of a bigheaded dachshund Aishi? What will happen to the love of Kuba (Stepan Tucek) and Kacka? What will happen to Mojmir's partner Lida (Nela Boudova), who is accused of drug manufacturing? And will Ivan be able to have the desired offspring? Kacka and Hugo must fight their toughest fight so far.

Continuation of the beautiful family film Tady Hlidam Ja, where the authors drew attention mainly to ADHD, in the film Watchdogs, they focus on canis therapy. This is a very funny and nice family comedy. Director Sajmovic chose an excellent combination of actors who fit perfectly into the story. Great camera and nice catchy music underline this extraordinary work.

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