The Websters Movie on DVD
It may seem that Lili Webster (Ivana Korolova) is an ordinary spider girl like any other. Together with her older brother (Adam Misik), caring mother (Ivana Chylkova), understanding father (Jaromir Dulava), and lively grandparents (Jiri Labus), she lives in a cocoon above the elevator shaft, goes to school, and enjoys playing with her friends. However, Lili is unusually curious and brave, and so she occasionally gets into trouble. Like that time when she was responsible for taking care of flies and they all flew away, or when she was fooled by a scammer on the internet. The humorous and kind stories interwoven with unexpected adventures in this family animated film explore the everyday joys and troubles of children and show that the strongest network is family. 

Children were thrilled after watching this film. After it ended, they complained that it was too short and wanted to watch it again. Personally, I would happily watch it again, but we may have been lucky that our kids enjoyed it. I noticed that not many children seemed to enjoy it in the cinema, and as an adult, I can understand why. The plot was very slow. 

Overall, the Websters in the film are a successful spectacle, especially in terms of visuals and acting, but they fall short in terms of the story. The storytelling is too episodic and disjointed, it feels fragmented and has no precise point or meaning. And that's a shame, because without it, it could have been a fairly likable film for the whole family.

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