The Everlasting Charm of the Czech Little Mole

We are delighted to see the never-ending interest in the Little Mole, a beloved Czech character that has captured the hearts of many. Recently, there has been a surge in sales of Little Mole-related items, such as memory games, plush toys, and books. We are truly grateful for this enthusiasm. The Little Mole, created by Czech artist Zdeněk Miler, is a series of short animated films for children that were produced between 1957 and 2002. The main character is a cartoon mole that often interacts with the human world and embarks on various adventures with its animal friends. After Miler's death, his granddaughter allowed the creation of new episodes featuring the Little Mole in a Chinese-Czech co-produced series called Little Mole and Panda.

Zdeněk Miler created the character of the Little Mole at the Krátký film Praha studio. Although the animated films were initially produced independently, they are now commonly presented as a cohesive TV series, first aired in 1975 on the program Večerníček. The first episode, titled "How the Little Mole Got His Trousers," introduced other characters such as a frog, stork, reed warbler, crayfish, spiders, hedgehog, and most importantly, the flax plant. The series slowly expanded over time, eventually totaling 49 episodes. 

The Little Mole character was reportedly conceived by Miler in 1954 after tripping over a molehill. Furthermore, Walt Disney had not featured a mole in his films, making the Little Mole a unique character for its time. The character rarely speaks, usually only uttering a few words or onomatopoeic sounds, which were initially voiced by Miler's daughters. The only exception is the first film, which is spoken and was voiced by Viola Zinková. 

In 2014, Zdeněk Miler's granddaughter signed a contract with the Chinese television station CCTV to produce new episodes of the Little Mole. According to Vadim Petrov, who composed the music for the original series, Miler did not wish for his work to be continued. The new episodes were created using 3D computer technology, and the Little Mole speaks in them, unlike the previous episodes. The series began airing in China, and the first episode was broadcast in the Czech Republic on TV Barrandov. 
Some episodes of the Little Mole series feature thought-provoking ecological themes, reflecting on contemporary issues. For instance, the episode "Little Mole in the City" depicts the construction of a metropolis and the destruction of the natural landscape. In other episodes, the Little Mole helps injured or lonely animals, deals with the dangers of traffic, and faces the challenges of fame in the entertainment industry. 

In conclusion, the Little Mole remains a beloved character and an important part of Czech culture. Its charm and appeal have endured over time, inspiring generations of children and adults alike.


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