The Czechs - lovers of fairy tales have a new fairy tale - Zaklete Pirko / Enchanted Feather

The main character Aninka lives on a farm with two evil sisters. Sisters don't like Aninka and makes her their servant. One day Aninka finds a bird feather with which she unconsciously summons Prince Vitek, cursed to bird's form. When evil sisters find out that Aninka is dating a handsome young man, they steal her feather, destroy it and Vitek disappears. The only way to break the curse is for Aninka to find him somewhere in the world. And so the girl sets out on a journey to save her lover. She saves a waterman from an evil peasant at the beginning of her journey. He becomes Aninka’s guide. They experienced many adventures and fun together. And although waterman’s magic can help, Aninka’s only hope to save Vitek is true love.

Another Czech fairy tale by director Troska on DVD. Troska's fairy tales have one advantage and that is that they are almost always with English subtitles and for me one huge disadvantage - exaggerated criticism. In recent years, whatever this director has shot, he has garnered criticism that is in my opinion exaggerated and often unjustified. I admit that colourful colours and recombined costumes detract from the believability of the fairy tale, and sometimes less modernity is better for Czech viewers.

In this fairy tale, I appreciate the original theme, beautiful shots of Czech nature and the cast. The main heroine is charming, tender and fits perfectly into this fairy tale. Lukas Pavlasek is also fantastic in the role of a waterman, as well as the evil sisters. I must emphasize that primarily it is a fairy tale for children and they liked it very much.

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