The best recent fairy tale from the Czech Television is here! Princess and Half Kingdom / Princezna a pul Kralovstvi

Finally! That’s the word, that came first to my mind after watching this Czech fairytale. Finally Czech Television brought to screen a splendid fairytale story. After a long line of unsuccessful or average fairy tales, presented during Christmas, a real jewel came out that pleased many viewers.

Yes, there are things that could be improved as music and so on, but all in all it is simply more than a good fairy tale. And this is especially appreciated in the late decline of Czech fairy tales!

Honza kills a dragon and gets a princess and a half of a kingdom. And where other fairy tales end, ours begins. The princess does not like the commoner Honza, and also her parents aren’t very excited about him. He doesn’t know how to behave, his manners offend other people, and this is nothing compared to a moment, when his parents arrive to the castle. The princess is desperate, the king with the queen too, but a royal promise is a royal promise. Here comes former princess’ suitor, lord of the neighboring kingdom, selfish king Egon. Princess and her parents like him much more than Honza. What happens next?

A fairy tale that is almost a parody to a fairy tale genre and makes fun from itself.

Actors are great in their roles. Characters and script suits them well. Jakub Prachar enjoys his negative character. Everything is as should be and overall, the whole film is very funny.

Casting is excellent, I enjoyed Marek Eben as perhaps nowhere else. And Josefikova was absolutely charming princess. Phenomenal! There is no actor or a character that would spoil this film.

The film gets 9/10 points from me. This work is worth seeing especially for lovers of Czech humor!

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