Spina / Filthy: A controversial Slovak film comes to DVD

Slovakian-Czech movie that is definitely worth a watch for its originality.

A lot of people like this film and say it is the best drama of last years. It tells a story about Lena, a 17-year old girl from an ordinary family. First love, night parties, alcohol, just badass. But one afternoon, everything changes for her. Countless things spin in her head and she doesn't know, what to do. She chooses a radical path. But then ends up in a psychiatric hospital for the young.

Spina DVD English subtitles

For me, this movie is definitely a uniquely made, but unfortunately, I won't give it more than 6 out of 10.

Starring Dominika Morávková-Zeleníková, whose acting was quite brilliant. The whole movie is standing only on her and she's the only reason, why the film is at least in part believable. Sometimes I had problems to distinguish different acting roles, as the actresses looked very similar. Overall, it undermined the atmosphere of the film, when I literally had to guess, which friend of the heroine is on the scene. The dialogues of the film are too often bad to grasp for me, as it has a numerous talks about sex with a lot of vulgar language. Yes, it is possible that people in a specific group are talking like this, or perhaps the screenwriter wanted to add to the drama, but it certainly did not work for me. Maybe I would appreciate this movie after another view, after all, it does have a good audience response.

Find a DVD version with English subtitles here.
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