Brilliant Czech comedy: Po cem muzi touzi (What men want)

Po cem muzi touzi (What men want)

Po cem muzi touzi dvd

Charismatic cynic Karel Kral (Jiri Langmajer) works as an editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine. He is a little bit chauvinist and sarcastic and all the women adore him. Unfortunately, one day his way of life goes off course. He gets fired, ex-wife and daughter (Andrea Hoffmannova and Sara Sandeva) make him upset again, his car is crashed and his job position gets a young woman (Tana Pauhofova). Karel solves problems like a man - together with his best friend Cestmir (Matej Hadek) he gets drunk and wishes to become a woman, because "the women are much easier in life and he is miserable because of them." In the morning Karel finds out that as a result of the nightly alcoholic "ride" and the intervention of the scientist Zoltana (Pavla Tomicova) he became a woman (Anna Polivkova). However, only physically. Karel, now as a woman Karla, has to put up with his new look and learn how to live in woman's body. Will he still believe that women’s life is easier?

Few days ago I laid my eyes on a rather insidious review in the newspapers, that completely reproved this movie. Since I didn’t want to believe that Radka Trestikova, who is a pretty sane and clever person, wrote a script full of stupidity, I didn’t let the review discourage me and watched it. And I’ve done well because I was laughing. I can’t recall a recent Czech comedy during which I would laugh.

The film is a pleasant comedy surprise of the Czech film scene. If you want to enjoy it, don’t look for deep thoughts. The main theme is nothing original, the course of the story is quite banal, and has been developed in various forms in the world cinema several times. Now and then the film seemed as a grotesque. Jiri Langmajer plays with his waggish elegance and Anna Polivkova knows how to star in comic roles. The amount of sympathy for the main actors will probably decide whether you enjoy the movie or vice versa.

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