Newly Remastered on Blu-ray: Girl on the Broomstick

Available exclusively on is Vaclav Vorlicek's 1971 classic, Girl on the Broomstick or Dívka na koštěti. Dive into the captivating tale of Saxana, a young witch with a rebellious spirit, now brought to life with stunning visual clarity. 

Tired of three centuries in school, Saxana decides to venture into the human realm. However, her escape isn't without pursuit. An old vampire (her dad), dispatched by the school's director, is on her trail, ensuring she returns to her magical domain. Yet, Saxana has a plan. She seeks a "woman's ear," believing it to be the key to a potion that will permanently sever her ties with the supernatural. Unbeknownst to her, the solution lies not in a literal ear but an herbal brew made from sage. 
Navigating the human world, Saxana's journey is filled with humor, spells gone awry, and unexpected romance, especially with the endearing Honza. Vorlicek's direction in this film is notable for seamlessly blending music and visuals, elevated by Petra Černocká's memorable title song. The narrative, revolutionary for its time, combines the fantastical with real-world elements, setting a new direction for fairy tale storytelling in the 1980s. This film not only introduced fresh faces to cinema but also showcased the diverse talents of familiar stars, including an impressive performance by Petra Černocká. 
Earning accolades, "Girl on the Broomstick" received a Special Jury Prize at the 1972 sci-fi film festival in Trieste and an Audience Award at the Youth Festival in Trutnov the same year. 
Behind the Scenes: A memorable scene where Saxana elongates her hand was achieved using a ballet dancer on the ground, extending his hand, while Petra mimicked the movement to create the illusion.

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