New DVD Release: Il Boemo - Explores the Life of Composer Josef Myslivecek is proud to present "Il Boemo," an epic historical drama now available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Directed by Petr Václav, known for his socially engaged dramas, the film brings to life the story of one of the most sought-after music composers of the second half of the 18th century, Josef Mysliveček. Set in sunny Italy, the film takes the audience on a journey through
Mysliveček's life, his creativity, his rise to legend, and his ultimate fall into obscurity.  

An unexpected masterpiece, the film presents an engrossing and credible narrative, filled with raw emotion yet delicately directed. Its brilliance lies in the nearly surreal harmony between the actors and their roles, and the exceptional operatic, singing, and musical performances. It seamlessly ties Mysliveček's fate to his body of work, subtly highlighting the social challenges of the era, particularly the position of women whose talents were largely overlooked and underestimated.

Intriguingly, I believe the underlying theme of the film is the unassuming portrayal of capable women who had to navigate through convoluted paths for their talents and desires. The film subtly brings out the plight of these women who, despite the various adversities, managed to contribute to Mysliveček's success and participate in his fate. This narrative perspective forms the film's unique and genius key point. 
While some may argue that the film could have delved deeper into the composer's fall and offered more details about his biography, personally, I don't feel that anything significant was missed or rushed. Primarily because the main storyline and message of the film, in my view, is not just about Mysliveček's fate but also about the fate of the various women who appreciated him and tried to find their own place, at least by aiding his success and actively participating in his fate. This viewpoint forms the most intriguing part of the storytelling, making the film ingeniously exceptional.

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