Loves of a Blonde / Lasky jedne plavovlasky remastered and with subtitles!

Almost unbelievable has become a reality. The remastered film Loves of a Blonde was released with English and French subtitles!

It is top 10 of the Czech film. An ingenious film interplay and a big success of all three masters, namely Jaroslav Papousek, Ivo Passer and Milos Forman. Believe me, these three gentlemen seldom disappointed anyone. A bitter tragicomedy about a lonely girl who is constantly looking for her true love. Beautiful and funny dialogues, a wonderful period atmosphere with all the attributes of that time. Great scenes - especially the final bed scene.

Great cast - especially in connection with all the non-actors who play there, I would personally highlight nice human acting, warm and funny humour learned by life itself and performed by the originally non-actor Josef Sebanek. There were also nice period songs and so much more that I appreciate. A really excellent tragicomic film from my favourite director. For me personally his second-best Czechoslovak film right after The Fireman's Ball / Hori, ma panenko, which I still appreciate a bit more. Forman with his unsentimental, understanding view, was able to look at all the ordinary people around him. Thanks to that he became famous not only in Czechoslovakia, and not only with this film, but also with the earlier film Black Peter / Cerny Petr or the previously mentioned The Fireman's Ball. Czech film directors have been known everywhere in the world, and Milos Forman was the most resonant name long before. Simply a world concept. 10/10 

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