Long Live Ghosts!: A Classic Czech Adventure Revived for Modern Audiences

Discover a timeless treasure in the world of children's cinema with the Czech classic, "Long Live Ghosts!" Set in a small town under the ruins of Brtník Castle, a group of boys decide to test their courage and venture into the castle's dungeons at midnight. Unexplainable events they encounter hint at the fact that the castle may not be as abandoned as it first seemed. 

The following day, the kids participate in a local council meeting to discuss the castle's future. Despite having the support of the council chairman and school principal Vávra, the meeting ends in a stalemate. The ambitious head of the local grocery store, Jouza, who intends to grow mushrooms in the castle cellars, strongly opposes their plan. His sister-in-law, known as Black Chronicle, also supports him. 

One night, however, the kids gain unexpected allies. During another midnight visit to the castle, they encounter two friendly spirits - the charming young girl Leontýnka, and her father, the knight Brtník of Brtník. Together, they resist Jouza's scheming, and with the help of enthusiastic hands and spells, they restore the castle. 

Considered evergreen in the realm of children's films, "Long Live Ghosts!" remains vibrant, enjoyable, and amusing, even thirty-five years after its release. It's filled with humor, magical quotes, and melodies that delight viewers of all ages. Featuring an exceptional cast, from Jiří "Fujtajbl" Sovák, through Lipský's Jouza, to Leontýnka Vávrová, it still captivates today's audiences, just as it did in the 1970s. 

As a child, I adored "Long Live Ghosts!" and even today, I find more entertainment in it than in most of the current Czech production. The film not only seems more genuine and relaxed but also smarter and much more heartfelt. Moreover, it is primarily intended for the children in the audience rather than satisfying the director's bloated ego, a common issue with many contemporary productions. Truly, "Long Live Ghosts!" is a classic that every child and child-at-heart should experience.


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