Czech Films 2018: Fairytales ♥ Let’s recall what’s been released this year!

Certoviny (Pure Devilry)

released 4. January, Fairytale, directed by Zdenek Troska

Zdenek Troska, a former matador of Czech fairy tales, comes back after directing third Babovresky film to create a children story from the world of devils. The story is mainly focused on two devils, played by Jakub Prachar and Domink Benedikt. These two hell boys are sent by Luciper (played by Karel Dobry) to our world as a punishment for their naughty behavior. Their mission is to bring one sinful soul to hell. As chance would have it, they like our world. We can look forward to see Sara Sandeva, Oldrich Navratil, Mira Nosek, Jana Bernaskova, Radek Holub and others.

Our rating: 7/10

Kdyz draka boli hlava (When dragon gets a headache)

released 25. October, Fairytale, directed by Dusan Rapos

Barborka and Tomik spend holidays with their grandparents in a blacksmith’s workshop under a Dragon rock. A small two-headed dragon Cmoudik helps there too. Once the children plan to spend the night in a cave together with the dragon. Accidentally, they discover an old map on a cave wall and Cmoudik, whose one head speaks Czech and the other Slovak, begins to tell a thrilling story about a Kingdom of Dragon. He tells the children about a great love of Princess Adelka and Prince Janek, about a curse and a terrible dragon, evil sprite Blivajz, and also about a mystery of a Forget-me-not Meadow, lost dragon egg and a pair of kangaroos. Do you wonder when the dragons dance hip hop, how they celebrate Christmas in a dragon cave, what magic power has a dirty dragon tooth and why dragons get a headache?

Our rating: 5/10

Certi brko (The Magic Quill)

released 29. November, comedy fairytale, directed by Marek Najbrt

Film President Tonda Blanik wasn’t enough for Marek Najbrt, so at the end of the year he comes with a fairytale. The story takes place in the town of Pytlov. There is a hell office watching all the misdemeanors and unrighteousness, which are happening among local craftsmen and peasants. However, one day this system stops working, therefore Lucifer sends there a confused devil Bonifac, for whom it is an opportunity to show off. Unfortunately, after he comes to the town, he gets robbed of a magic quill. The plot is then taken care of. Judit Bárdos, Jan Cina, Ondrej Vetchy, Jan Budar, Jana Plodkova and many others play in this pre-advent fairytale.

Our rating: 6/10


I'm already curious what new fairy tales Czech Television will introduce at Christmas. 

Kouzelník Zito 

released 24. December, Fairytale, directed by Zdenek Zelenka

O zakletem krali a odvaznem Martinovi

released 26December, Fairytale, directed by Peter Bebjak

Vodníkova princezna

released 26. December, Fairytale, directed by Alena Derzsiova

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