Dungeon Lords: Happy Anniversary / base game

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Author: Vlaada Chvátil
Language: English
Year: 2014
Players: 2–4
Age: 14+
Time: 90 min
Theme: dungeon building, dungeon defending, dungeon scoring, and generaly dungeon fun
Mechanics: simultaneous moves, worker placement, combat puzzle solving, paladin-slaying

Dungeon Lords: Happy Anniversary is the anniversary edition of the boardgame Dungeon Lords, and includes the base game, the Festival Season expansion, the Dungeon-Set-Up mini expansions, and lots of other extra material.

In Dungeon Lords, players take up the role of a dungeon lord, who is trying to build the best dungeon out there. Hire monsters, build rooms, buy traps and defeat the do-gooders are all part of the job.

The game is played over two years, and every year consists of 4 seasons (or turns). During each turn, players will send out their workers to prepare their dungeon for the visiting adventurers.Each adventures will be allocated to a specific dungeon, depending on the level of evil of its Master, and at the end of each year, the heroes will explore the dungeons.Scoring in the game is based upon what the players have built, which monsters have been hired and which heroes have been captured.

Game components
Components from the base game
Central Board
Progress Board (with a Building side and a Combat side)
Distant Lands Board
4 two-sided Dungeon Boards (in 4 colors)
32 Orders Cards (8 in each color)
8 Overview Cards (2 in each color)
18 Combat Cards
27 Trap Cards
9 Special Event Cards
24 Monster (or Ghost) Tiles
16 Room Tiles
32 Adventurer Tiles
2 Paladin Tiles
3 Event Tiles
42 Tunnel Tiles
4 Troll Tokens
20 Item Tiles
12 Minion Figures (3 in each color)
4 Evil Counters (1 in each color)
Minion Sticker Sheet
Starting Player Token
Progress Marker
about 40 Imp Figures
about 30 Food Tokens
about 40 Damage Counters
Components from the Festival Season extension
Progress Board Extension (with a Building side and a Combat side)
Far Distant Lands Board
4 Dungeon Board Extensions
6 Combat Cards
18 Trap Cards
9 Special Event Cards
20 Pet Cards
6 Monster Tiles
4 Room Tiles
8 Adventurer Tiles
4 Paladin Tiles
4 Event Tiles
4 Item Tiles
3 Monster (and Ghost)
Expertise Tiles
5 Improved Tunnel Tiles
8 unique opportunity boards
Components Exclusive to this Anniversary Edition
30 metal Gold Tokens
4 Troll Figures
15 Lute Tokens
4 Adventuring Party Markers

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