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After its release, Wasteland has become one of the best and sophisticated crime dramas in the Czech Republic.

Wasteland is a village on the Czech-Polish border, which is close to a lignite quarry and there is a danger that it will disappear. Therefore, the mayor convenes a meeting about whether to have a referendum on the dissolution of the village. The greater part of the population votes to leave the village in exchange for an amount of money for their new start, but the enlightened minority would like to stay and ensure that the village exists. And so the enlightened mayor’s daughter disappears...

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Everyone in the Czech Republic heard about the phenomenon of Angel of the Lord 2.

The Director of this piece is again Jiří Strach, which in 2005 he directed the first episode. It is said, that if the film has a sequel, it is not as good as the first film and the viewer is disappointed by the continuation. It really does not apply in the case of this work, which is proven more successful than the first one. Some of my acquaintances were on this fairy tale a few times at the cinema and I am honestly very looking forward to April, when it is going to be on DVD. 

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Oddsockeaters are tiny creatures who live with us human beings.

They are responsible that in each pair of socks will always remain only one. I don't know about you, but this issue is with us on a daily basis and I am still looking for socks to pair. Sometimes I have the feeling that the washing machine just eats them. Thanks to this animated fairy tale we know that we do not lose our socks at random, but they are eaten by small and cute Oddsockeaters.

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